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Tips and information for your success

Your signed up for an Ironman and race day is getting near. You've put in countless days, hours, and minutes of training. Now all you have to do is race. Unfortunately its not quite that simple, but there are right and wrong ways to go about racing an Ironman.

Below are my five personal tips for your best Ironman. Click the link and become more prepared for your race.

Good luck!

Contact coach Brant to learn more about training, pacing, and nutrition for your best Ironman or race.



Have you ever forgot something you needed for a race? Or always feel like your forgetting something as you pull out of your driveway?

Click to download my race day checklist and have the confidence to know you have everything you need. Feel free to add anything to the list that might be personal to you.

*Tip for packing: Always put everything you need for race day in one bag. That way you only have to worry about that one bag and your bike once you head toward transition.

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