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Dream Big Coaching Packages
  • The Dream Big Plan is great for athletes that need guidance and accountability with the development of a custom training plan with a weekly workout log review and coach feedback. 


  • The Dream Big Unlimited Plan includes daily workout communication and review, allowing training to stay more efficient and effective. Communication, training plan revisions, and video analysis are unlimited. If you’re a serious recreational and/or competitive athlete, this program is for you.



Dream Big Sport Performance Packages
  • Ready to be a part of an amazing team? Here is your chance to join an amazing group with tons of perks.

  • The Dream Big Team Membership is ideal for someone looking to tackle a sprint or olympic triathlon, or to step up their game at the 70.3 distance. 

  • The 12-week semi-custom plan alone is an incredible value, but there is so much more included.

  • Nutrition is the glue that has the potential to pull it all together. Your months of mentally and physically preparing to be in your best race shape and achieve peak performance can all be either derailed by poor nutrition (inadequate or simply the wrong approach), or profoundly impacted in a positive way by the right nutrition.

  • Everyone has unique lifestyle and nutrition needs. We will create a sports performance diet that will allow you to perform at your best, while meeting your specific needs.

  • This is available on a month-to-month basis and is designed as an add-on service for current Dream Big athletes. This helps ensure that nutritional demands are actually met by coinciding them with current training.​

Dream Team, Dream Big Triathlon Team. Coach Brant Bahler, Coach Brant, Triathlon, Triathlon Coaching

"The best part of triathlon is that I get to do it with the best people.  Thanks, Fred Perry, Lauren Reichart Smith, Dennis Morrison, Elspeth and Cory, Rebecca Klingenberg, and Coach Brant!  We had so much fun yesterday! 


And P.S., we dominated!"

Dream Team, Dream Big Triathlon Team. Coach Brant Bahler, Coach Brant, Triathlon, Triathlon Coaching


"Great day starting the race season with my teammates! The community that Dream Big Athletes and Dream Big Triathlon Coach Brant Bahler has brought together is where it’s at. Grateful for this crew, who all placed in their division!"

Dream Team, Dream Big Triathlon Team. Coach Brant Bahler, Coach Brant, Triathlon, Triathlon Coaching

"You know what happens when you surround yourself with awesome people? You do awesome things. My goal yesterday was to have fun and finish. No expectations. What ended up happening was an age group win. My coach, Brant Bahler has built up an amazing group of Dream Big Athletes I am so proud to compete with. Every single one of us took a podium spot yesterday. The best part, for me? The cheers and high fives out on the course. The laughter and good times. Anyone can compete, but it is truly a blessing to be able to compete alongside such good friends!"



Athlete who lose weight, nutrition, runner, Training Plans. Triathlon Training Plans

"My A1c is perfectly under control!" I’m no longer taking any medication, managing all with diet and exercise.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, words can’t describe how much I appreciate that.


God bless you and your family."

Women who lost over 100 pounds, fitness, nutrition coaching, Training Plans. Triathlon Training Plans


Last night's weigh-in brought me a loss of 101.25 lbs. 😊 YES!


I was not expecting that last night and was quite shocked but HAPPY!!!   


I am so thankful for you.

Cyclist, lost weight, biker, nutrition plans, Training Plans. Triathlon Training Plans

"I was getting into such a bad place of no matter what I did, things didn't change.


But they finally are! I’m actually feeling like I am making progress.  I am feeling stronger and recovering faster. I could see such a change in the strength, and my form is better. I am very excited to see that I actually have the ability to change things. I know I have a long way to go but to see things progressing are so huge, even though they are small changes.

My nutrition is going so well! I have no more carb cravings. The calories are plenty but not so much that I feel like I have to cram it in.

I am excited to see what happens this season! Thank you sooo much for all your help. I feel like everything has moved to the next level and you have changed the direction of my overall health. "


Mary Ann

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