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"I've been an athlete my whole life and as I’ve gotten older it’s been tougher to find things to keep my competitive drive going.

Last summer I was introduced to the sport of triathlon and was immediately hooked. I competed in my first sprint triathlon at the end of the summer, and right away I wanted more...BUT I knew I needed help. I met coach Bahler and immediately knew he was the coach I’ve been looking for. His knowledge of all three of the disciplines of the sport is second to none, and I felt more confident in my abilities moving forward from our very first conversation. 

Finishing an Ironman was once just a dream for me, but now I know with coach Bahler's expertise and detailed plan, I can make that dream a reality! My goal for the 2012 season is to finish the Ford Ironman in Louisville, KY, and compete in many smaller triathlons along the way. I am looking forward to learning from and sharing my journey with coach Bahler, as I know he will be there with me every step of the way!"   -Simon

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Dream Big Triathlon Coaching athlete Jeff

“I started doing triathlons about three and a half years ago. I was hooked after my first one! During that time I competed in a few sprints, Olympics and even a half Ironman. But I wanted to do a full Ironman and I knew I needed help. I found Brant and asked him for help. He put me on an amazing training plan that kicked my butt! He helped me take time off in every discipline, especially my transitions, which was something I never really practiced before. He made me feel really prepared in every aspect heading into the race. He is super motivating and I know I wouldn't have done as well without his help. He is an amazing coach and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to do triathlons. I'm in the best shape of my life and have lost about 100 lbs.
Thanks for everything Brant!”    -Jeff

“Booyah!! I’m a ½ Ironwoman!

Thank you for getting me there, Brant! You provided a tailored training plan that considered my starting fitness level, the limited time I have to train, and the many events I entered along the way. This plan took me from Sprint/Olympic/ 1/2 marathon level to two 70.3 races this season methodically, and without injury! I was both challenged and motivated, and I FINISHED STRONG!

Thanks Brant!  YOU ROCK!”                                                


“I used to think that sore knees and hips were just part of running, but after a few sessions working with Brant on my form they are a thing of the past.”

                                                                 -Kristen (Marathoner)

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You're doing a super job with these plans.  I felt like I could have done the full 26 miles on Saturday training run this week.

When I started marathon training I said this would probably be my first and last marathon.  I really didn't like running so much.  I've sort of changed my tune a little.  It isn't so bad now that I'm getting used to it.  Ha, sort of like swimming.
Anyway, all this to say, you are awesome and I appreciate all you are doing.


Thanks so much for your feedback and insight!  What you said makes complete sense and I am so thankful he met with you.
Thank you so much!  Jake had a great time working with you.  We feel blessed!

-Allison (Mother of youth athlete Jacob)

I felt pretty good during the whole race. I think my nutrition and pace were good because I never “hit the wall” like I have in past marathons.

- Kristen

I can defiantly see how staying in my heart rate zones is helping my endurance. I’m less tired and feel like I can go a lot longer. It may be a little slower running then I’m used to but I’m ready to go again the next day.

- Tyler

Thanks, Brant, for your part in making the impossible dream come true. Two years ago, I couldn't run 2 miles. I would have laughed and thought you were nuts if you had told me I would be running a marathon. And, with food poisoning to boot! Ha! A big thumbs up to you!


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