Purpose Statement

My purpose is to give my athletes life changing journeys through in-depth individual training and coaching. I bring tireless commitment, gratitude, compassion, knowledge, and experience to you. Together, we will work hand in hand to achieve your dreams.

"Our coaches are unsung heroes. They write amazing training plans, teach us proper technique, advise us about nutrition, deal with our pre-race emotions, inspire us to dream, and care about us as people. And yet, when we PR or podium, they get little or no recognition. 

My coach, Brant Bahler, and I are a team of two. His job is to write a perfect training plan. My job is to execute his plan perfectly. My success is his success, and visa-versa! Big kudos to Coach Brant and to all triathlon coaches who deserve the highest accolade for the role they play in their triathletes’ successes! 

This post-race photo was taken just beyond the finish line at USAT Nationals 2018." - Sue

  By the numbers! 2010-2020 




 11- World Champ Qualifiers  across all distances (Sprint,  Olympic, 70.3, and 140.6 (Kona) 

Sprint Distance 60-65 AG - Female -1st American,  4th overall

Olympic Distance 35-39 AG - Male - 2nd American 

8 - Team USA Qualifiers



2 - National Championship Podium Finishes 

5 - USAT All Americans 


32 First Time Ironman Finishes

41 First Time Half Ironman Finishes

10% average increase in repeat finishers 

performance in half and full ironman.

Over 100 Nationals Championship Qualifiers 

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Coach Brant Bahler



Bloomington, IN


Dream Big and Team USA athletes Maarten and Sue post race at ITU World Championships!!