Why Choose Dream Big Triathlon Coaching

Choosing a coach can be a daunting task.

How do you figure out if you need or want a coach, and who best will fit your needs?  Many factors play into this decision. Will I like the coach, and will he or she be effective?  Do I need someone local or would an on-line coach work?   What experience does he or she have? How much time does he or she have to spend on me? Are my plans made just for me or something they give to all their athletes?  What do they offer, will it fit my schedule, and how much does it cost?

Let me take this time to share why I believe I can be a great fit for you:

Achieving your dreams

  • I am personally committed to help you believe in your true potential.

  • I will develop personalized plans made specifically for you.  We will consider the goals and races you are planning on, your previous races and training experience, and the time you have to train. We will be mutually confident in the plan.

  • I will be available daily/weekly to encourage you.  I will hold you accountable, and will be flexible if plans need to change.  Coaching is my full time job.


Enjoying your journey


  • I have a passion to make it fun and keep you healthy.

  • We will use on-line plans to help you focused one week at a time.

  • I have experience in all levels of multisport; I do understand your dreams.

  • I am committed to be competitive and effective, with a plan just for you.


Together we can be more effective with a personalized plan than you will be with an on-line plan or the same 24-week plan some coaches give all their athletes. A premade plan rarely fits the schedule of most athletes.  And you need more than a friend to give you advice, but rather a friend who is also an experienced coach.



Finally, when your part of this team, your family.

Coach Brant with his finisher metal and his son, family, racer traiathlon finisher