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Race Day Packing Check List

Have you ever forgot something you needed for a race? Or always feel like your forgetting something as you pull out of your driveway?

Copy and print of the list below before each race and have the confidence to know you have everything you need. Feel free to add anything to the list that might be personal to you.

*Tip for packing: Always put everything you need for race day in one bag. That way you only have to worry about that one bag and your bike once you head toward transition.

Triathlon Race Day Checklist

Pre- Race

  • Sandals or comfortable shoes

  • Warm up clothes

  • A bag to put everything in

  • Plastic bag (to cover transition items if raining)

  • Sunscreen

  • Chap stick

  • Permanent marker (for DIY body marking)

  • Race Nutrition (Gels / bars for pre, during, and post race)

  • Fluid replacement drink (pre, during, & post race)

  • USAT card and picture ID

  • Money (just in case)

  • Headlamp or flashlight (for dark mornings)

  • Personal music player (Can not be used on the course)

  • Bike pump bike repair kit on bike (spare tire/tube, CO2 pump, tire levers)

  • ***note: do not bring CO2 cartridges if traveling by air

  • Watch or Heart rate monitor

  • Race shorts

  • Race top

  • Goggles (2 pair)

  • Antifog

  • Swim cap

  • Wetsuit or speed suit (optional: neprene cap, booties, ear plugs)

  • Body glide or similar body lubricant

  • Electrical Tape (always good to have some tape with you, never know when you will need it. Some people use electrical tape to tape down their gels to the bike)

Transition 1

  • Water for feet (If desired) (squirt bottle)

  • Hand towel to wipe feet (if desired)

  • Towel or transition mat to step on

  • Bike (with race wheels)

  • Water Bottles

  • Helmet (Aero Helmet?)

  • Sunglasses

  • Bike shoes

  • Bike socks (if desired)

  • Cold weather gear if needed (gloves, sleeves, toe covers, etc)

  • Bike with race number attached

  • Rubber bands (if bike shoes attached to the bike)

Transition 2

  • Running shoes

  • Running socks (if desired)

  • Hydration belt (if desired)

  • Race belt with race number attached

  • Hat or visor

Post Race

  • Towel (to dry off with or sit on)

  • Gas X or similar

  • Post race clothing

  • Post race recovery food or drink

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