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Glute Focused Strength (Video Demonstration)

Glute strength is one of the most important parts of overall strength, power, injury prevention, and performance. Below are some videos showing how to perform these glute specific exercises that you will see in your training plan

  • Pidgin Hold glute activation

    • Remember flex you glute straighten you leg and lift your knee off the ground and then lower the knee but make sure the glute stays engaged

  • Butter Fly Bridge:

    • Laying on your back feet together like butterfly stretch. Squeeze glutes and really get extend up as much as you can, keep glutes engaged as you lower back down.

  • Glute Bride.

    • Do single leg if both seems to easy.

  • Glute Med Routine.

10 Clam Shells

10 Leg raises

10 Windshield Whippers from to back (remember to not let your hips open up.

10 Leg Circles one direction

10 Leg Circles opposite direction.

Do all of these in a row lay on on your side. Really try not to use you arms for force or balance. Engage your core to keep you stable. Also remember to keep you heal high on all of this to really work the outside of your glute.

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