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Fixing Hip and Back Pain So We Can Move Correctly

I’ve spend over 20 years in competitive sports and the last decade coaching athletes to reach their true potential. During that time I’ve seen my fare share of injuries. But lets stop for a second and define an injury. This term is to often just thrown around to describe any kind of pain that seems to slow us down form our normal routine. When we do this we lump real injuries like broken bones into the same category as an over use impairment or muscles imbalances. Why is this important? It’s important because how we fix the problem is usually very different or at least it should be!! Unfortunately we tend to use the same protocol to fix both. Just RICE it right? Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevate. This can be a good place to start, but 9 times out of 10 this is where we start and stop. We might get a little relief from some ice and rest but as soon as we feel that relief we go right back to doing the same thing we always have been. Which leads us right back to pain. If we have a real injury like a broken bone, rest is how we fix it, followed by possibly rehabbing around that broke bone after it is healed. But if the problem isn’t so clear cut like a broken bone, torn muscles or tendon, then rest is not going to fix the problem long term. And that is what led me to create this E-Book. The pain that I see on a daily basis in athletes as well as non-athletes is normally generated by an imbalances in the way we use our muscles. Each muscle has a job to do. But the body is extremely good at bypassing muscles that we don’t keep condition correctly in order to keep some normalcy in efficient movement. It’s so good that most of us, even extremely competitive athletes, don’t even realize we aren’t using our muscles correctly. It can sometimes take years before we really realize we have an imbalance. What happens when some muscles stop working and others start working double time? Like anything that works twice as much as it should, it becomes overwork after awhile. Once overworked pain takes place or as we so easily like to call it, we get injured. Sometimes this could be a full blow injury like a stress fracture, in which case we are back to rest to fix it. But after that we need to go back and figure out why it happened in the first place? Most likely you had an imbalance that cause the over use and then injury. Have chronic pain? Guess what? You most likely have an o