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Mind May Trump DNA in Exercise and Eating Habits

This article was brought to my attention by one of our very own Dream Big athletes. I felt it was a great follow up/add on to our last performance article that covered the book Peak Performance. If you haven't read that one, go back and do it now! You'll recall the study about milk shakes given to two groups of subjects. One was told it was a healthy shake, the other group was told it was unhealthily like an desert /ice cream shake. The unhealthy group had several biomarkers go up that would be normal when consuming a sugary shake like that. Including stress markers becuase they believe the shake was unhealthy for them. Come to find out, both groups got the same shake, which was the healthy shake. Proving that what we believe will dictate how our body response more then anything else.

This article below shares a similar conclusion. If you believe you have poor endurance, you will. If you believe you are bad at exercising and racing in the heat, you will be. No matter what your DNA make up says, you can change those traits by believe you can.

Have a read and then start asking yourself what things in your life are you telling yourself that aren't necessarily true? What stories do you need to change to become your best self and reach your true potential?

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