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Swim Warm Up (Video)

Here is a short video of some basic, but important, upper body warm up movements you should be performing before all of your swims.

The duration of each of these should be closer to 10-15 reps. Less than that is shown to keep the video condensed.

  1. Large arm circle in opposite directions: Go one direction and then switch.

  2. Small arm circles buidiing to large arm circles forward.

  3. Small arm circles buidiing to large arm circles backward.

  4. Swimmers double arm catch and pull backs.

  5. Single arm overhead.

  6. Wide arm active "hugs."

  7. Shoulder Complex 3 directions:

  • Out (keep elbows close to your body)

  • Up (keep elbows at 90 degrees)

  • Down (keep elbows at 90 degrees)


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