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Mental Training

We all have different battles and setbacks to overcome in our health and fitness journey. Most of these come down to how well we are able to keep our mind in a positive mindset, and not be distracted by the little lies our mind tells us. In athletics, physical fitness is vital but it’s mental toughness that is the driving force behind your success as an athlete. When you develop your mental fitness, your obstacles become a temporary roadblock that you know you can overcome if you diligently keep working at them and give your best day in and day out. Dedication is deciding between what you want now and what you want most. Are you able to push through those tough sets when your mind is telling you to slow down or stop? Are you tough enough to delay instant gratification in favor of your end goal? The key within this is to also distinguish what is good pain and bad pain. Is it muscular and a mental task to over overcome, or are we hurting your body? We can push through the first; we don’t push through the second. It can take just as much mental fortitude to learn when to pull back so that we can continue moving forward as soon as possible.